Students recall previous semester highlights and low points

Ethan Fobare

Staff Writer

Though the roads may have been clogged with traffic and littered with potholes, some had a smoother ride than others during the fall semester.

Most students had a positive outlook on their last semester at Hudson Valley with common thoughts about the campus itself. For many, the fall semester was their first on campus, and their preconceived notions of a community college being a tiny, out of date, subpar learning institution were shattered by modern and visually appealing buildings, classy cafés offering a wide variety of foods and drinks and a comfortable and extensive library for study and research.

Students like criminal justice major Brian Magee tad this experience when he started at Hudson Valley in the Fall. “I like [the buildings], everything is colorful and modern, ” said Magee.

While most liked the campus, some students felt that the buildings were too spread apart, like physical education major Rachel Robert. Robert believes that buildings like the auto tech building are too far away from the main campus. “I just wish some buildings were a little bit closer because my classes are pretty spread out,” said Robert.

As well as the buildings that make physically make up Hudson Valley, a majority of students found positive interactions with their professors and classmates that make up the college. There seemed to be little friction between students with most enjoying the people that they attended class with.

Magee gave a thumbs up to his classmates and professors from his first semester.“As far as my classmates go, they were all pretty chill,” said Magee.

“I like the people, I like the teachers–everything is to my liking,” said individual studies major Anthony Avola.

Although most students enjoyed the fall semester, some were apprehensive about giving their full approval of the staff. “I never had any problems with anyone, except for the professors who didn’t let me wear hats,” said Magee. Some students like mortuary science major Alicia Papalowski found that the pros and cons of her fall semester all depended solely on her professors.

Other students found ways to amuse themselves on campus to pass the time. Avola spent his time utilizing the Campus Center.  “I played ping-pong and hung out,” he said. Hudson Valley offers a variety of ways to spend time between classes including ping-pong and foosball in the Campus Center, studying in the Marvin library or just getting a bite to eat.

The overall vibe from students was positive with most looking forward to starting their spring semester.

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