Managing to stay warm while looking hot this winter

Sophia Jamil
Staff writer

Matt-1490Matt Whalen | The Hudsonian

From pea coats to layers, Hudson Valley students all have their own secrets as to how they pull off looking great and bundling up at the same time.

Student Senate vice president Bryce Kirk makes sure to keep stylish no matter what weather. “I just pair different sweaters with jeans and my trusty bean boots on most days,” he said. Kirk finds that coming up with his perfect outfit has little to no complexity, even in the winter weather. When all else fails, Kirk simply puts on his black pea coat from Burberry.

“I think pea coats always make you look like you actually tried,” said Kirk.

“The trick is to buy lots of different colored cardigans and tank tops and then mix and match them with jeans and boots — simple!” said health information management major Kristen Pierce.

Matt-Matt Whalen | The Hudsonian

Business major Josh Tatter feels that it’s all within the layers. “It’s honestly all about layering up,” he said.
“My biggest tip would be to buy yourself a nice pea coat and pair it with khakis because It always ends up looking great,” said Tatter.

“Boot warmers are life right now, they make every outfit just look put together,” said biological science major Maymunah Sarujamohaden. Sarujamohaden can’t stand the cold, so she always has a cute pair of gloves to match her coat at all times.

“Scarves and chunky sweaters are the two major keys to looking cute and staying warm at the same time,“ said individual studies major Brianna Paige.

Dustin White, an Individual studies major, was another student who recommended pea coats to remain cozy, warm and stylish. “If I actually want to look nice when it’s cold as ice out, I usually just throw on my pea coat from American Eagle,” said White. Since the winter weather has been warmer than usual, White hasn’t had to break out his pea coat as often, so has been sticking to various types of hoodies.

It looks like students all have different ways of staying warm this semester. No matter what your trick is, make sure to stay warm this semester.

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