Recruiters target students from healthcare to military

Evette Linendoll

Staff Writer

The busiest days on campus are the most likely for students to spot recruiters.

Monday through Thursday from between 10 a.m and 2 p.m is the time when some students are most likely to see a recruiter on campus. “We recommend the days that are the busiest on campus, for both student and employer benefits,” said Gayle Healy, director of the Center for Career and Transfer.

“You want the students to be able to access them, but you want the employers to make the most of their time too” said Healy.

Recruiting for retail, military, financial sales and healthcare are just a few of the jobs that are being offered through recruiters. “We advertise on the campuses main page, the events page when recruiters are coming to campus,” said Healy.

Recruiters have found a majority of their success through the college’s job fairs. Recruiters are only supposed to recruit from their tables, but find it a successful method.

“We would like to emphasize to students that employers are coming here that day to start the hiring process,” said Healy. Healy advises Hudson Valley students to attend the job fair as a method of updating their resumes.

“We are happy to help students with resume development and critique as well as how to prepare for a job fair,” Said Healy.

Job descriptions and requirements are posted in Hudson Valley’s job bank. “We have our own job bank that is accessible through our website where students and alumni can register and search for jobs,” said Healy.

“[Recruiters] are coming here because they want our students that are trained, they want the skills that the students are leaving here with” said Healy.

There is a community job fair on Apr. 5 from 10 a.m to 3 p.m in the McDonough Field House. Some of the companies that will be there are Alpine Refrigeration Inc., Center for Disability Services and Global Foundries.

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