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Brandon Hladik
Staff Writer

Marison Topinio (1)Marison Topnio | The Hudsonian

The Hudson Valley Vikings basketball team is on a red hot streak. They’ve won eight of their

last nine and are on a blazing road to regionals.

Their back to back campaign against North Country was no easy feat for Hudson Valley. The

first being a five point victory and the second being even closer in a four point final advantage.

The team was forced to battle and contend the entire way through.

Since they twice defeated the hardest opponent they’ve faced since Herkimer the team is

feeling extra upbeat moving forward. With added input and constructive criticism from the coach

this team has been pushing the limit lately, particularly into the Columbia­Greene Twins game.

It was a lead alternating game with the first half concluding in a five point lead for the Vikings.

The second half was the story of Jordan Nelson. In entirety he dropped 31 points but 23 of

those came in the second half. His transition offense off of fast breaks is what really got his

count. In a quick Q and A after the game Jordan Nelson talked about his opinions on the play of

the team as of late.

Q: You dropped 31 today, something the coach said or any specific inspiration for stepping up

your game the last few nights?

A: The past few days coach has really been getting on us about just playing with intensity every

play. And with regionals coming up this is the time when we really have to step it up.

Q: What do you personally feel is the biggest challenge for your team and what can you guys

do to manage this challenge?

A: I honestly believe the only thing standing in our way is ourselves. Our biggest challenge is

just making sure we don’t get away from playing our style of basketball. When everyone is

active on defense and we can get out and run the floor we’re a hard team to beat.

Q: You’ve got Montgomery­Fulton and Mohawk Valley to finish off the season. Two teams you

lost to the last meeting. What can you or your team do differently this time around to get the W?

A: Well with us all of our energy starts on the defensive end. The first time around both times

we pretty much let them do what they wanted instead of dictating them to do what we wanted. If

we can come out of the gate strong defensively that should work heavily in our favor.

Unfortunately after this tremendous streak the Vikings came to a fall. Mohawk­Valley got the

best of the team for yet another meeting. The game was deemed a blow out by half time with

Mohawk Valley taking a 15 point lead. Regardless of a late surge at the end the Vikings just

couldn’t pull it off.

The team has one last game against Fulton Montgomery this coming Wednesday. A team in

which the met last got the best of them. Let’s just hope it’s not another deja vu as it was with

Mohawk Valley. With hard work and luck this team can finish off with a 20­9 win loss record.

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