Couple looks to overcome distance after graduation

Sophia Jamil

Staff writer

Two Hudson Valley students have decided to continue their relationship despite the distance they will soon be facing.

Individual studies major Kayla Howard and criminal justice major Tim Yetto met around one year ago on St. Patrick’s Day. After attending a party by a mutual friend, Howard and Yetto met and hit if off, not knowing they both would be attending the same college soon after.

“I love that me and my boyfriend attend the same college because it makes it so convenient for us,” said Howard. Yetto and Howard have built their schedules around free time so they are able to have large breaks with one another during the day.

“So far we’ve had it pretty easy, but I’ll be graduating in May,” said Yetto. Leaving Hudson Valley with a criminal justice degree, Yetto will be attending Castleton University in Vermont to pursue a career as a conservation officer. This leaves Yetto and Howard with the difficult decision of continuing their relationship despite the distance that will separate them.

“Me and Kayla are going to be in a long distance relationship which is going to be completely different than what we have now, but I’m confident we won’t have any issues besides missing each other,” said Yetto.

Howard will be taking prerequisites for the dental hygiene program at Hudson Valley with hopes to graduate with a degree in the subject. Although her love life is important to her, she is focused on her education. “It will be different than how it is now, but I definitely think we can make it work,” said Howard.
Although Howard and Yetto will have to overcome the distance that they will be faced with after Yetto moves to Vermont, the couple has hope that they can continue their relationship by staying in frequent contact, and seeing each other as often as possible. “I’ll always miss seeing him around campus,” said Howard.

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