Toasters, dumbells, and chef salad: what students wish Hudson Valley had

Shakeema Hill

Staff Writer

From toasters to temperatures, Hudson Valley students are demanding changes across campus.

“I wish the library cafe had a damn toaster to toast their bagels,” said business administration major Justin Hunt. Hunt feels that the cafe in the library needs things like a working toaster and a microwave to make the cafe more accessible. According to Hunt, the library cafe is the only place without a microwave that’s available for student use.

Marison Topinio 4Marison Topinio | The Hudsonian

“They’re using this giant ass George Foreman looking grill thing to toast their bagels which flattens your bagel into little toaster pancakes. How much is it to invest in a toaster?” he said.

Besides the items needed to make certain foods, some students want different items on the menu for campus as well. “Vegetarian and vegan wise, they almost have the vegetarian food [down], but we do have vegans on campus,” said environmental science student Myra Johnson.

“I would just say to get better choices of food and higher quality food products,” said individual studies major Dylan Thompson.

“I am very limited in choices and I can’t eat a chef salad,” said biological sciences major Caroline Couser. Couser sides with Johnson for increasing the variety of foods for students, as well as supporting general improvements to the college’s menu for other vegetarian and vegan students.

Many Hudson Valley students also feel that the college needs changes to equipment and general student needs across campus.“The equipment in the lab should be upgraded and better quality such as new microscopes,” said Couser.

Marrisa Vulcano, a fine arts major, feels that the school needs better internet, as well as temperature control in various buildings. “The drawing and painting studio is freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer, so better temperature regulation throughout the building would be a great improvement,” she said.

Mechanical engineering technology student Jonathan Carroll claims that the only weight sizes in the McDonough sports complex are eight, ten, and 65. “There’s a slight gap in sizes and those are dumbbells,” he said.

Carroll wants more improvement to sports complex in regards to what is available for students. “They need to improve the weights pretty greatly, with both accessibility of the room and equipment,” said Carroll.

Looking back at her time at Hudson Valley, former liberal arts major Desrine Landy wished there were more activities on campus during her time. “I wish Hudson Valley had more events where students could feel more a part of campus life,” said Landy.

Besides structural improvements, some students want education improvements at the Valley as well. “The Library Skills for Research course should not be a requirement for my major, or any major at all,” said liberal arts student Andrew Lowry. Lowry feels the class should be available and offered for students to take, but shouldn’t be a mandatory class for anyone’s major.

Patricia Rivenburg, a biological science major, wants additional courses and classes at Hudson Valley. “I think Hudson Valley should have a ‘history of pathogens’ course and they should allow more art type classes for science majors,” she said.

After attempting to take a ceramics class this semester she had high hopes for taking, Rivenburg was told by multiple departments that she was not allowed to take the class due to her major. “I was not allowed to take it and have it work towards my 12 credit minimum,” she said.

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