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Emily VanLeuven

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The women’s basketball team fell to Fulton-Montgomery 83-52 this past Wednesday (2/17) in their final game of the season dropping its record 1-24.

Starting the game off with a winning tip, Deirdre Werner of Tamarac scored to start the team off positive. With this Hope Rebeor of Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk made three three pointers yet some early calls from the referees disturbed the game, at the half the score was 23-39.

The second half began and with several turnovers within the first few minutes. Coach Rich Gilooly called a timeout resulting with another three from Rebeor. As the game proceeded Erica Shudt of Hoosick Valley scored down low and Gina Torres from Albany sank numerous foul shots. It was not enough to beat Fulton Montgomery.

In the beginning of the season the women’s team had a handful of games where they only lost on an average of five points. As the season continued, due to injury and health issues the team began to lose their games by numerous points.

Chelsea Stevens, of Hoosick Falls, was one of the three benched due to sickness. “I plan on playing next year and my goal is to stay healthy,” said Stevens.

Jayda Bryant-Bonarrigo, of Albany, was out due to injury as well, yet was able to return for the last game. With the same mentality, most of the returners just want to stay healthy for the next season.

For the rest of the returners who were not benched during the season, “working on the fundamentals and ball handling,” said Destynie Jackson from Columbia was her focus for the following season.

With a record of 1-24 the one win the team did accomplished was a highlight of their season. It was a home game against Dutchess Community College, who was on a losing streak with 0-8 and HVCC won by a landslide 53-38.

“They learned to turn a negative into a positive when it came down to the last few possessions,” said Gilooly when asked what positive things came out of this tough season. Gilooly plans on, “continuing to better the program,” when asked if he plans on returning next season.

“You gotta work with what ya got,” said a very energetic and pumped up Torres before the game. “Our record is just a number.” With a mindset like that it is no wonder how this team was able to stay together.

For the girls who are graduating, they are not furthering their career in basketball. They still plan on playing club sports to stay healthy, as they have seen health is an issue for young athletes.

Emily Mitchell, of Greenville will be attending HVCC next year. She will not be participating with the team due to her Dental Hygiene program that restricts her from partaking in athletic activities. The team will greatly miss her.
Although the one win was a big accomplishment, each player accomplished a personal goal that affected the team as well; they all played hard through every loss and in any team or coach’s mind that is a win in the book.

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