Educate Chitral: Making a difference in a developing nation

Sophia Jamil

Staff Writer

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Students who have spent their lives in America studying under the education system may take the opportunity of getting an education for granted.

Having been exposed to the education system in a developing country at a young age, my sister and I don’t go a day without remembering those who are less fortunate than us.

We are both currently attending Hudson Valley and hope to further our education in biological sciences. Although we have been fortunate enough to attend school in the U.S., we understand that it is not something that everyone has been privileged with.

Our hometown is a rural place called Chitral. It lies between the mountain ranges of Northern Pakistan and has been kept isolated from the rest of the country. Due to its remoteness, it lacks many things, such as education.

Pakistan is among one of the 10 countries that account for three-fourths of the world’s illiterate adults, according to The Guardian.

Quality education is not obtainable, and children have to settle for government-run schools that have unqualified instructors. Kids are forced to leave school for underpaid jobs to help support their families at very young ages, which is a rising problem in Chitral, as is unemployment and corruption.

It was heartbreaking to see the children of Chitral dream of the things we are handed in the U.S. We always wished to help them, but felt so helpless and small. However, two years back, my brother-in-law, Talha Shah, came up with the idea of starting the charity organization, “Educate Chitral.”

Educate Chitral is a non-profit Charity Organization made to provide financial aid for underprivileged children in Chitral. The children come from households that have limited to no income.

Its primary goal is to provide quality education to academically-qualified children who are talented beyond their years but suffer from poverty and lack of support.

By providing them with funds and encouragement, they have been able to help them progress academically.

The program gives hope and encouragement to other students. With the help of our supporters and sponsors, we have been able to help 40 children receive the education they rightfully deserve.
Although 40 seems like a small number, it is something we are immensely proud of. It is 40 children off the streets and in safe hands, and 40 people will go on to have their children educated as they deserve.

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