Lacrosse looking into the future(April Fools!)

Juan Carlos
Lacrosse Scout

With a winless season in sight, the Vikings lacrosse team looks ahead towards the number one draft pick for the 2017 season.

After a 0-4 start to the season, the Vikings are already recruiting for next season.

“We are looking forward to getting one of the top players next season that will help us gain a victory for next year,” said head coach Bobby Shmerta.

As of now, the number one overall choice for next year’s draft is John Hancock, a senior at Hudson Valley High School. Hancock has plans on going to Duke University, the university that is the number third ranked lacrosse team in the nation.

“I have always dreamed for playing on a national championship team like Duke, but something about the Vikings desperately needing a win makes me re-think my decision about where to go,” said Hancock.

In order for the Vikings to get the number one pick in the draft, they plan on going winless this year so that they can choose John Hancock to play for them.

The Vikings will look to go easy on all the teams they play this year to ensure that they lose all of their games this season.

“Although we would love to win, we know that getting Hancock will be a huge step in the program for us,” said captain Deez Nuts.

Hancock averages eight goals a game for his high school team and believes that playing for the Vikings not only will give them at least one victory but will also increase his stats.

“Playing for the Vikings will benefit me when I transfer to Duke,” said Hancock. “I will be the top player in the NJCAA and be well-known as I head to Duke.”

The lacrosse team has only managed two wins in the past two season which makes sense for them to go winless this season.

As the team plays the rest of the season, they know what they need to do in order to ensure they receive the number one draft pick and get John Hancock on their team.

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