Out on top(April Fools!)

12525116_1002508073118532_5968290254989187266_oCourtesy of HVCC Athletics

John C. Longton III
Sports Editor

In an unprecedented move the Hudson Valley Community College women’s softball team will cancel their program and season one year removed from placing third in the nation. The baffling move has people wondering why they would do such a thing, but after taking a closer look, the reason seems very clear.

“We want to go out on top in our sport like John Elway did for the Denver Broncos,” said an unnamed coach for the team.

John Elway retired from playing football after winning two Super Bowls in a row in an ultimate “drop the mic” moment. The women’s softball team has the same mindset after placing third in the nation last year and starting the season undefeated.

“There’s no better way to walk away from the game than doing it right after you had your best season ever,” said a player who asked to be remained anonymous. When asked why they couldn’t be named the player responded by saying, “We are leaving the game as a team and not just individuals. We all decided as a whole to let the other teams in the area know that we beat them and they will never get redemption.”

There have been players that have made this move in the past, but this is the first time in athletics where a whole team is pulling the plug on itself so that their best season would be their last.

“People will remember what we did and how we went out on our own terms,” said another unnamed player. She continued by saying, “I mean I still want to play, but our pride means a lot more than our record.”

The women are collectively searching for other sports to play while they attend Hudson Valley. Their goal is to do the same thing that they did in softball through other sports. There are rumors that the group will all go out for the bowling team because of the belief that it is the easiest sport to pick up that the school has to offer.

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