Professor discusses family for entire lecture(April Fools!)

Jenny GoesRawwr
Creative Editor

Learning the history of people from Western civilization has a new meaning for students in professor Josh Nooze’s class.

Nooze, a tenure professor who teaches Western Civilization and the World, started his 9 a.m. lecture Friday morning going over the material for a quiz scheduled for that class, but ended up completely shifting topics.

Two minutes into his class, Nooze started discussing things about his personal life including his wife, children and his vacation house in Maine.

“He just randomly starting talking about his family and stuff when we had a test that day — it was the weirdest lecture I’ve had at Hudson Valley,” said Harry Barrell, an individual studies student.

Barrell said Nooze went on to discuss how everyone in his family was unemployed, and that his brother spends all of his money on pizza and concert tickets. “He said that his brother Sidacia spends all his money on $5 pizzas from Little Cesare’s and Black Sabbath tickets,” said Barrell.

Amy Preismayn, a liberal arts major, was called out by Nooze for resembling his deceased aunt that according to Nooze, treated him poorly during his childhood.

“Professor Nooze pointed at me during class when he went on a rant about his aunt who had passed away,” said Preismayn.

“He said I looked just like her, and that she always refused to let him lick the spoon,” she said.

Students seemed to start enjoying the talk about Nooze’s personal life, and the class became a Q and A with students asking questions about Nooze ranging from, “why does his wife always hide the remote?” and “what is the best place to find a Car Show in the Kennebunkport area?”

“Professor Nooze told us that his son Jordan likes to run around in circles until he falls over so I asked him why and he said if I could tell him why his son does it he’d give me ten dollars,” said criminal justice major Aaron Johnston.

The 50 minute class was one that students feel was the best they experienced at Hudson Valley. “Listening to professor Nooze talk about his personal life was the best class I’ve had at Hudson Valley,” said digital media major Ashley Mannato.

“It was cool because we actually got to experience a professor just being real with us and sharing things about him personally as opposed to just regular lecture stuff. It was lit,” said Mannato.

The students agreed with Mannato that the class was one they will never forgot. “It was the weirdest lecture I’ve ever had in college,” said individual studies major Harvey Taylor.

The test, which Nooze postponed to Monday’s 9 a.m. class, was said to be on the Roman Empire, but Nooze plans to include questions about his personal life that were discussed in class for bonus points on the exam.

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