Academic growth detered by professor absenteeism

Ethan Fobare
Staff Writer

AbsencesMikey Bryant|The Hudsonian

Hudson Valley students are second guessing their substitute teachers.
“I look at it as shorting the students,” said auto-tech professor Dale Button on professor absences.
Button stands by teaching his students to the best of his ability, which includes taking no personal days off.
“I can’t remember the last time I took a personal day,” Button said.
Hudson Valley professors get five personal days per year along with sick days. Unless they teach summer courses, teachers are free after their Mar. 16 final grade deadline until August.
According to Hudson Valley professors, the most common reason for missing classes is due to illness or health complications. Professors also cancel classes due to personal issues like deaths in the family.
When a professor is absent, they can either cancel class or find a substitute to teach the class for the day. Although some students think having a substitute fill it, when it comes to training level and levels of education, substitute teachers are often times not held to the same standards as other teachers.
Aileen May, a human services major, had a bad experience with a substitute at Hudson Valley last semester that changed her views on substitute teachers.
“She tried to take complete control over the classroom, spoke down to us and treated us in a very disrespectful way,” said May.
May found that her and her classmates felt disrespected by the substitute, which made students lose interest in what they were learning that particular class day.
May is not the only student who has a problem with substitute teachers. Individual studies major Tom Connelly feels strongly about professors not showing up to lectures without notifying students of its cancellation.
“I think that it’s totally acceptable for a professor to be absent and cancel class. However, it is their responsibility to inform their students at least 30 minutes before the start of class,” Connelly said. “If they [don’t do] that, it shows a complete lack of respect for their students,” he said.

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