Environmentalist aims to ‘inspire students’ to protect river

Chris Payne
Staff Writer

voiceshudsonriverMikey Bryant|The Hudsonian

Students were informed about ways to protect the Hudson River during Thursday’s Hudson River Issues: Threats and Opportunities lecture.
“My goal is to inspire students and provide information to them about everything that is related to protecting the Hudson River,” said Manna Jo Greene, environmental action director for Clearwater, the speaker at the event.
“My other goals include using technology to avoid negative use and to use the natural environment wisely,” said Greene.
Greene graduated Bard College with a master’s degree in science in 1990. She earned a bachelor’s degree at SUNY New Paltz and an associate’s in nursing. Before becoming an environmental action director, she was a nurse at the Benedictine Hospital.
Greene discussed many issues about the Hudson River and how to protect it by avoiding pollution. According to Greene’s lecture, the Hudson River’s protection is really for the wellbeing of everyone.Greene described how to use the natural environment to keep it clean from flooding pollutants.
“Build a sleuth and clean it up,” Greene said in her lecture about how to keep the river clean and avoid pollution.
She also described what the missions of Clearwater were, which include keeping the Hudson River clean and using it wisely.

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