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Sophia Jamil
Staff Writer

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Hudson Valleys biggest club on campus, the ‘Table Tennis’ club is no longer allowed to be play after 10 pm due to janitors not having access to cleaning floors properly.
The president of the club Josh Bedell, who’s also an individual studies major said “I’ve been playing table tennis from day one at the valley, I didn’t think I’d love it as much as I do now.”
Josh never thought he would have as much interest in the sport as he currently does. “We’re a team of dedicated players who love what they do, so yea, before public safety told us we couldn’t play after 10, we used to play until midnight on most days!”
Along with playing late, the Table Tennis club would allow students to come late at night to practice. Bedell said, “Before It was nice because we usually just left paddles and balls laying around so players could come in on their own time and practice, but now we have a certain time limit that we have to work around.”
Although the reason for Public safety to not let the team play is so the floors could be cleaned properly, Bedell says that the floors are never even clean. “The funny part to this whole thing is that the floors are usually always dirty.”
Bedell said, “as president of the club, he sometimes finds himself to be embarrassed when students from RPI and Sienna come on Tuesdays and Thursdays to play with them. “ The kids are always complaining about how the floors are so dusty that they always end up slipping on the floors when they’re playing.”
Even though most of the players use special shoes for table tennis to help them with gripping on to the floors, the dust makes them slip anyway.
“We get why Public Safety would want us to stop playing at 10, and we respect what the janitors do, but it’s such a bummer when the floors are never clean.”
The Table Tennis club has a tournament coming up on April 24th. There is an open invitation for any Hudson valley that is interested in participating. The tournament will also be serving free pizza and wings.

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