Presidential and Trustee candidate: Shane Batcher

Name: Shane T. Batcher
Party: Independent
Hometown: East Berne
High School: Homeschooled
Major: Engineering Science
Age: 22
Clubs/Organizations: Student Senate, Engineering Science Club, Math Club and the Tour Guide Club.

What made you run for this position?

I decided to run for this position when I realized that I wanted to have a greater impact on the Hudson Valley student body.

What are your qualifications to run?

I am qualified to run from my past and current leadership opportunities. I used to work in the childcare field, inspiring kids to be successful in life. During my time in childcare I learned how to assess a situation and guide the children towards success. I was a Peer Tutor at Schenectady County Community College, and now I am a Peer Tutor and a tour guide here at Hudson Valley. Being a tutor has taught me the importance of open communication.

I have learned that I cannot help a student if I have not fully listened to the problem. This experience with open communication will help me to be an effective Student Senate President. Being a tour guide has allowed me to progress in my public speaking skills which are crucial/key to being a successful student leader/advocate/president. I also volunteer my time to a children’s camp and a nature center because I love to help others. While volunteering for the children’s camp I learned that my actions can have a lasting positive impact on others. This is what made me want to run for Student Senate president.

Overall what is your greatest asset?

My greatest asset is my ability to listen. A great leader MUST be emotionally intelligent. The number one thing an emotionally intelligent person must be able to do to lead effectively is listen to their peers so they can understand the best way to help them succeed.

Name five initiatives you’d like to focus on with your position:

– Peer Mentoring Program.
– Helping the Senate go green by utilizing free online resources (Google Drive, Google Calendar Etc.).
– Communications Committee.
– Marketing Committee.
– Student Awareness.

What has been some of your greatest experiences during the race so far?

I have never had the opportunity to run for a position like this before, so being able to learn the process and how to effectively campaign has been a great experience. I also must say that running against great opponents such as Emma and Dan has been an awesome experience in itself thus far and I’m sure will continue to be throughout the rest of the campaign.

What is the biggest problem with student life at Hudson Valley?

In my opinion, the biggest problem with student life at Hudson Valley is ineffective communication between the administration, senate, and student body. The student body needs to know what is happening on campus, what events are coming up, what services are available and so on. From my personal experience as a transfer student I have noticed gaps in the communication of opportunities to students, and I believe that I can effectively work towards bridging that gap.

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