Secretarial candidate: Sam Paradise

13052635_929222517176654_1599980443_oSam Paradise

Name: Sam Paradise
Party: Surprise Party
Hometown: Valatie, NY
High School: Ichabod Crane High School
Major: Environmental Science
Age: 19
Clubs/Organizations: Student Senate

What made you want to run for this position? 

Stephen originally recruited me to run for secretary with his party, and since then I’ve developed a passion for it. I want to do what I can to improve HVCC and make the students here happier with their college experience. I want to do what I can to disprove the idea that a community college can’t measure up to a 4-year school.

What are your qualifications to run?

I have the discipline, passion, and comprehension needed to be a great senator. I know how to put my own interests aside to make sure that I am fighting for the interests of the students.

Overall, what is your greatest asset?

I’m very outspoken; if I ever think that something going on is unfair to the students, I will not be afraid to call someone out on it, and I’m a very persuasive arguer.

Name five initiatives you’d like to focus on with your position?

– Students should be surveyed and asked what trips they’d like offered. Everyone I’ve talked to has told me that they’re sick of the NYC and Boston trips. They want something new.

– I want to make sure that every student knows about every service that is offered on campus. Free dental, car service, volunteer work assistance, etc. Every student needs to know about these so that they’re getting the most out of their tuition fees.

– Any decision that gets made in student senate should be posted online so that students know of any changes that are being made.

What has been some of your greatest experiences during the race so far?

The greatest experiences so far have just been the interactions I’ve had with students I’ve never engaged with before. There were times while petitioning where I’d sat with a group of people for half an hour, just talking. I got to know so many cool people. By far the best thing about HVCC is the people who go here.

What is the biggest problem with student life at Hudson Valley?

My biggest problem with student life right now is the inefficiency of campus updates. The weekly reminders are very nice, but they’re often cluttered and easy for student to overlook. There has to be a better way to inform students of on-campus events.

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