Tresorial candidate: Daniel Kusky

Mikey Bryant | THE HUDSONIAN

Name: Daniel Kusky
Party: Surprise Party
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
High School: Yeshivas
Major: Individual Studies
Age: 20
Clubs/Organizations: Investment Club, Entrepreneur club, Student Senate

What made you want to run for this position?

Well Hudson valley has really been a turning point in my life, and I owe a lot of that to the student activities here. In my opinion student senate are the people who incorporate student activities. Because of what student activities has done for me I would like to help do the same for others. I feel treasurer specifically is where I could have the greatest positive impact. As treasure it would be my responsibility to represent the voice of the student body while assisting in the annual budgeting of student activities, as well as receiving special fund requests for student activities. My responsibilities, if I win the position of treasurer, would have an immediate impact upon how activities and club budgets are implemented. That is why I feel treasurer is where I can have the greatest positive impact on the social, cultural, and educational experiences of my peers.

What are your qualifications to run?

I am the current treasurer of the Entrepreneurs Club and have written the club’s budget. Therefore, to an extent, I’ve already been familiarized with how the Hudson Valley budgeting system works. Furthermore, I’ve had to do extensive, comprehensive budgeting for myself during the past seven or so years.

Overall, what is your greatest asset?

All the past classes I’ve taken at Hudson Valley.

Name five initiatives you’d like to focus on with your position?

1. Fairly and equally represent the opinions and values of the student body.
2. To bring the student body together as a whole to enhance the time spent here.
3. To enhance the social, cultural, and educational experience of the students at the college.
4. To increase the presence of student senators at school events to raise the student awareness of what student senate is and what we bring to the experience of the school.
5. To come to the most fair and unbiased response while equally keeping everyone’s requests and interests in mind, for any requests that come before me.

What has been some of your greatest experiences during the race so far?

I really enjoyed the petitioning part of this election. It really had me put myself out there and meet a very large amount of students here, which gave me the opportunity to talk to a lot of new people and hear their opinions on the school.

What is the biggest problem with student life at Hudson Valley?
Well honestly I don’t really think there are any problems with the student life at Hudson Valley. However, as mentioned earlier, I believe student senate could have more of a presence at school events to raise the student awareness of what student senate is and what we bring the experience of the school. So to answer that question I would say there aren’t any issues with the student life at Hudson Valley, yet student life could always be enhanced further.

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