Hudson beauty: Students make the most of makeup

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Sophia Jamil
Staff Writer

Trying to be a student and looking good at the same time might come easier to some than others.
Some Hudson Valley students will go above and beyond to do their daily makeup. Although students might not wish to put in a effort for their appearance, despite the costs, these students make it a part of their daily routine.
Tori Alberino, an entrepreneurship major, goes as far as wearing false eyelashes every day.
“For me, wearing fake eyelashes daily is not hard. I’m used to it and I love it,” said Alberino.
Alberino takes about 30 minutes to do her makeup every day and will not leave her home until she has met her makeup standards.
Alberino, who shops at stores like Ulta and Sephora for her favorite products, is no stranger to beauty products and doesn’t mind the finances or money that her makeup consumes.
“I’ve always loved wearing and experimenting with makeup ever since I could remember,” she said.
Health science major Shaylyn Faulkner is divided for her opinion on makeup.
“I either go all out and slay with my wing liner and blind people with my highlight, or I wear no makeup and just walk out of the house with a sports cap,” she said.
Faulkner likes to go all out with her makeup if she does decide to put it on for the day. When she does put all of her effort in, it takes approximately 40 minutes to finish off her look.
Faulkner has a balance of drugstore makeup as well as high end beauty products that are in her makeup collection. With her diverse makeup collection, her favorites stores to show are Sephora and Walmart.
“My foundation will be a simple Loreal $10 foundation, but I could be wearing a 40 dollar highlighter on top,” said Faulkner.
Haley Styer, a mortuary science major, takes about 15 minutes for her to finish her makeup every morning.
“I don’t like leaving the house without makeup on,” said Styer.
When Styer wears makeup, her must have item are false eyelashes.
“I love wearing fake lashes,” she said.
Styer’s favorite beauty store is Ulta, but she does mix her products from high end to drugstore beauty products.
Individual studies major Kristen Keloy dislikes makeup due to her self image.
“I don’t see the point in wearing makeup. It looks bad on me but that’s okay because I love how I look without makeup anyway,” she said.
Being part of Hudson Valley’s theatre club, Kristen said that she has to sometimes put on makeup to play some roles, but prefers not to wear makeup on a daily basis.

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