Students ‘spring’ to annual festival

Chris Payne
Staff Writer

MB1_3207Mikey Bryant|The Hudsonian

Drawn by the music pulsing through campus and the alluring smell of free food, students flocked to the student pavilion last Thursday for Springfest.

“Springfest is great for relaxing and having fun before [students] have to take their finals,” said Bryce Kirk, student senate vice president.

There was a snow cone machine, volleyball net, frisbee and caricature artists available to students, along there were giveaway that included sunglasses, wristbands, tshirts and candy.

Under the pavilion, a table was set up serving mac n’ cheese, baked chicken, cornbread and assorted fruit, which was what drew business major Eli Bardhollari to the event.

“I think that Springfest is interesting. I didn’t know this was happening, and if I was not transferring next year, I would come back again,” he said.

Whitney Burke, liberal arts major, attended Springfest and loved the food as well.

“My friend told me to come and enjoy Springfest,” Burke said. “I heard there was free food, and the mac ‘n cheese is great. I would definitely come back again next year.”

There was also a DJ playing music under the pavilion that peaked students’ interest.

Shelby Mahar, business administration major, attended Springfest last year as well. “Springfest is a great way to get fresh air with your fellow students and have a good time.”

There were even a few students who do not attend Hudson Valley but enjoyed the festivities.

“I came to Springfest because I was just visiting college to see if I like it at Hudson Valley,” said Giulia Cannata, senior at Columbia High School. “My favorite part of Springfest is definitely the food.”

“Springfest is a great way for people to come in unison and sing together,” said business administration student Dylan Huynh. “I would definitely come back again next year. This is a great way to come together.”

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