Student artwork fills Foundation wall

Rebecca Jordan
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Seven pieces of student artwork are on display in the Foundation’s new conference space.

“Of course these things never come too easy seeing how the wall is bright Hudson Valley green,” said Kylie Farrell, Teaching Gallery assistant. “Finding student work that would work nicely with that color was definitely a challenge, and throwing in some chairs growing some grass out of them really helped with that.”

Farrell is referring to one of the pieces hung in the space, which is an image of two chairs with grass growing out of the seats.

The artwork was done by Hudson Valley alumni while these students were still taking classes at the college.

From left to right the works were done by: Brett Hansen, Danielle Beebe, John Johnson, Melanie Matterson, an unknown artist, Michael Millspagh, and Kara Goreman.

According to Tara Fracalossi, fine arts professor and Teaching Gallery director, the college used to have a purchase award from the fine arts student show that would be used to buy a couple pieces of student work each year. In part because the college had no place to put the work, this award was discontinued several years ago.

Regina Scarano, head of the Foundation, approached Fracalossi with the idea to hang artwork from the college’s collection in the newly redesigned space.

“I think it just synced up because [the Foundation] had remodeled, and they were looking for some artwork,” said Fracalossi.

Fracalossi then talked to Farrell and Christopher Casey about the project. The pair selected and hung the artwork.

“[Kylie and Chris] weeded through some of the student work, and they got to decide what was going to go over and where to put it. Then the Foundation just kind of agreed to it,” Fracalossi said.

There are numerous other pieces in the college’s collection of student artwork, and there is the possibility that different pieces may go on display over time.

Fracalossi said, “We may change the artwork every year to circulate our collection. We’re not sure though.”

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