Letter from Jenny Caufield

Hello Hudson Valley students!

My name is Jenny Caulfield, and I am your 2016-17 Managing Editor. Being a member of the Hudsonian is an extremely rewarding and fun experience, as I have gained life skills, made friends and learned incredible amounts from this organization.

Going into Hudson Valley last year with some background in writing, I never knew just how important the Hudsonian would become to my career. As a writer and photographer for various music publications, I credit the Hudsonian with the progression of my writing and photography abilities this year.

If there is one goal for someone in my field, it is to tour with a band or write for a big publication like Rolling Stone or Revolver. Although I’m not there just yet, it is without a doubt that I was given atypical opportunities this year for someone my age using the Hudsonian as a reference. I was lucky enough to be given press credentials for the 2016 Vans Warped Tour this summer and received a job at NYS Music magazine, which has allowed me to be press for bands like Blink-182.

The things I learned my first year in the Hudsonian have given me more opportunities for jobs in my field, as well as make me an all-around better writer and reporter. Being compensated for the hours of hard work that our staff puts in is a gentle reminder as to how important of a job it is to be the voice of our college and can make the sleepless nights and endless research on stories worthwhile.

The Hudsonian is it’s own special entity, which allows for students who have an interest in writing or reporting to perfect their craft. It is an outlet for students who are looking to become more involved in the campus community, or just looking to write for fun. It is a way to pick up activities like writing and photography in various forms and styles and make them your own.

Being able to work in an atmosphere with intelligent, kind-hearted people, it is easy to fall in love with the work you’re doing and the people you do it with. Giving students hands-on experience in a newsroom setting is unlike any class you could take at Hudson Valley, or any class anywhere for that matter.

It can be a pathway for unrealistic dreams to become a reality, like an 18-year-old working press for the largest traveling music festival in the country. If there is one thing you should consider as a Hudson Valley student, it is becoming a member of the Hudsonian Student Newspaper.


Jenny Caulfield, Managing Editor

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