Welcome from Emma Dillon!

Welcome new and returning Vikings to “The Valley”.
Hudson Valley is an amazing college that is constantly striving for greatness, from your professors, to your administrative staff, to your janitorial staff.
These are a few of the many moving parts working together to aid you on your individual paths to success and the college’s as a whole.
As your Student Body President, I will personally strive to be another resource added to that list.
I take great pride in attending Hudson Valley Community College, as should you all because of the wonderful opportunities that this college presents to us.
Be proud to be a Viking.
Though I do believe Hudson Valley to be the best, it doesn’t mean I intend to stop there.
I will work tirelessly to make the best, better.
I look forward to working for and with all of you. We’re going to have a great year HV.

Warm regards,

Student Senate President

Emma Dillon

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