Hudson Valley Goes Dark

Rebecca Jordan

mb1_8107Mikey Bryant|The Hudsonian

Hudson Valley lost power on Thursday, forcing students to have classes in the dark during the early morning. Students in classes requiring computers were unable to have class. Though power was restored a little after 10 a.m., the cause of the power outage is still unknown to most students.
There has been some speculation that the outage was caused by the tie-in to National Grid that the college has been working on, though that was supposed to be completed before classes started according to an interview over the summer the Hudsonian had with Richard Edwards, director of the Physical Plant.
Edwards did say that the tie-in, “will never probably eliminate the fact that we could have outages.”
At 10:20 a.m., Public Safety announced through the campus-wide PA system that classes were cancelled immediately and the college would be closing at noon.
This triggered a mass exodus from campus via car and bus, clogging the roads out of the campus and route 4 and forcing the CDTA buses to turn riders away because the bus was full. Public Safety was forced to direct traffic as best they could, but the traffic still crawled.
Also, the Welcome Week festivities were forced to shut down for the day because students were not allowed to be on campus.
There will be more information about the causes and effects of the outage in the Hudsonian’s next issue being published on Sept. 20.

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