I’ve got an hour and $10 in my pocket

Skylar Blankenship
Staff Writer

Hudson Valley students no longer need to stress when it comes to getting a bite to eat.
Unfortunately, many college students do not have someone to cook any of their meals. Known to run short on time and lack cooking skills and cash, eating can sometimes become a difficulty for students.
Hudson Valley is surrounded by a variety of food and drink establishments within a less than a mile radius that can provide students with breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. When you are looking around for somewhere to eat and only have $10 in your pocket and no car, you can relax knowing you have options to feed your appetite and stay within your budget.
To the right of the campus, students have their choice of Taco Bell, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Deli and Brew. Taco Bell has a Dollar Cravings menu where every item is $1, combos between $2.79 and $6.29 and several vegetarian options for students. Dunkin’ Donuts offers assortments of donuts for $.99 each, a medium macchiato for $3.39 or an egg white omelet with ham, bacon, or sausage for $3.99.
The Deli and Brew is known for their thin-slice pizza and double-stuffed subs. A slice of cheese pizza is only $1.62, and the wide range of subs cost between $4.39 and $7.49.
Right across the street in the Hudson Valley Plaza, students have the choice of Wendy’s, China Wok or Subway. Wendy’s is the closest place to get a quick burger and french fries, whether it is off the Dollar Menu, the Baconator Combo for $8.09 or the four for $4 deal.
China Wok is a Chinese food establishment where you can get foods such as chow mien and egg rolls for under $10. They have an offer to eat in, but it can be cheaper to fill up a to-go box instead. At Subway, a student can buy a footlong sub for $6 and add $2.50 for a side and drink.
If you’re looking for something sweeter, to the left of campus there is a Stewart’s where a student can choose between the daily specials that are less than $5, over a dozen flavors of ice cream and variety of snacks from Doritos to $5 foot-long subs.
If you don’t have a car but need to eat fast, the approximate 10 to 15 minute walk to these locations boasts several delicious options and makes the trip worthwhile to know you will not be spending a crazy amount on food.
If you don’t feel like Taco Bell or Wendy’s are for you, then there is, of course, Prime in the Campus Center where you can buy your lunch.
For more information about each of the local food and drink establishments surrounding Hudson Valley, students can visit their websites or go to their convenient locations near campus.

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