Sweater weather making its annual return to the Valley

Julio Rodriguez
Staff Writer

Sweater weather season is the favorite time of year for many, and students need to be prepared for the new trends.

The cold weather can symbolize the end of summer, but it also means that the introduction of fall fashion is right around the corner. Fall provides everyone on campus the chance to debut their vast sweater collection to the world, and feeling content in what you’re wearing can have more benefits than you initially believe.

Fall attire is a form of self-expression that you can use to empower and impress. Finding the right outfit combinations can be grueling, but it can be done. A sweater, for instance, can be a powerful statement to utilize this fall. When you find the right sweater, you can use it for a variety of different outfit combinations.

Acquiring some sweaters worthy of “The ‘Gram” can be pretty taxing, but you should never knock it until you try it. There are many different families of sweaters, and you should take your personality into consideration before finding the right one for you.

There is the “urban” sweatshirt. The “urban” sweatshirt tells everyone around you that you’re a bustling city person. The urban sweatshirt is usually a longline sweatshirt that is also sporting a hood and a graphic design.

There is the “prim and proper” sweater, which can usually be purchased from a department store. The “prim and proper” is worn to tell others that you are serious about looking collegiate. The “prim and proper” is worn to impress and it is also utilized by everyone; a woman on a coffee run, a grandma taking her puppy for a walk or by a student.

Last but not least is the “grandpa.” The “grandpa” sweater was probably purchased at Goodwill. The “grandpa” suits everyone, and it can be paired with everything from a pair of leggings, jeans or joggers.

You might be thinking that it is too early to start worrying about sweaters, but you should start early. This past week I already started to dig through my closet to open the storage bins where my precious babies laid for months.

The emergence of the beginning of the semester means that clothing stores have already started to distribute their fall merchandise. If you’re looking for sweaters to wear this fall on a budget, some clothing stores to consider are H&M, Forever 21 and TJ Maxx.

Each of these stores can provide fall-worthy clothing for those on a student budget. Expressing yourself with your fall wardrobe can transform your perception of the world as well, as the world’s perception of you, and Hudson Valley students will soon start feeling the impact of the upcoming season on fashion.

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