Come Fall 2017, College Suites will be available for rent

Skylar Blankenship
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Students came back from summer break to see the beginning of Hudson Valley’s first student housing initiative.

In early 2016, the college sold the site of the former Hy Rosenblum Administration Center to the United Group of Companies, a privately-owned business that specializes in the development, financing and management of real estate.

Hudson Valley students are in favor of the idea of having student housing close to campus.

Aubrey Brimmer, a liberal arts student, said, “I think that the housing is a really great opportunity for the students so they can be closer to their schools and their classes… [It] sounds like a really nice place so you are not just living on some mattress on a floor in some apartment.”

John Hoffman agreed. “I think the housing would be great. It will offer more students that are coming into the area a new option for better transit from a less busy area to where they need to be,” he said.

The United Group is offering three different types of suites and are building 12 of each type. There will be options for two bedroom, one corner-bath suites or two bedroom, one bath, as well as four bedroom, two bath suites. Each suite will have a living room and full kitchen.

Suites will include central heat and air conditioning, a flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi and spacious closets. They will also be fully furnished. A fitness center, coffee bar, 24-hour group study areas and free parking will be available to all living in the building. However, pets and smoking will be prohibited.

Students who choose to live in the College Suites will be an approximate three-minute walk from the Hudson Valley main campus. It is also in close proximity to fast food, several shops and various other services.
The suites will be available for other college students in the surrounding area as well as Hudson Valley students. Room rates per installment are at $775.00 for the four-bedroom, $870.00 for the two-bedroom and $898.00 for the two-bedroom corner suites are available.

Financial aid might be available from students’ respective colleges to help pay for the rooms.

Administration hopes this new student housing facility will help attract students to Hudson Valley because of the availability of housing in close proximity to the campus.

“Though there is no financial relationship moving forward, it may help the college in terms of enrollment because we do know that a number of students come to the college from outside of the area. More than 150 students come from out-of-state, and usually 25 to 30 come from other countries,” said Dennis Kennedy, director of communications and marketing.

Applications for residency are currently open online.

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