Pokemon Go has students hitting the gym

Adam Whittet
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adamwhittet-pokemonAdam Whittet| The Hudsonian

Pokémon Go has students running across all parts of campus.

Pokémon Go, the popular interactive app, has gained national attention due to having a 3-D customizable avatar to represent the player’s location in the real world. With the addition of things like Poké Stops, the game works to encourage moving around outdoors to different locations to move farther in the game.

With Poké Stops being set to specific landmarks and locations, students are finding themselves covering all parts of campus. The app has created Poké Stops in places such as the clock tower, the sculpture outside of the Campus Center and the Marvin Library.

Part of what makes this app popular among students is the game’s ability to pinpoint your location. This allows for Pokémon appearing anywhere on campus.

“Im catching a crab right now!” said Maxx Barnhill, a marketing student, while sitting upstairs in the campus center. Barnhill’s favorite part of using the app on campus is how it gets students moving and seeing the pokestops and gyms across campus.

“I’ve caught some pretty sick Pokémon,” said Latesha Mercado, individual studies student. Mercado recalls catching the best of her Pokémon on campus in front of the Administration Building and around the Marvin Library.

Aside from the interactive Poké Stops, the app also includes things called gyms, where different players can battle people on their opposing teams. There are not as many gyms on campus as there are Poké Stops, but the most popular gym on campus can be found at the Joe Bruno stadium.

Pokémon Go allows for people to join a team once they have reached level five in the game. There are three teams to choose from: Valor, Mystic and Instinct. Of these teams, there is a wide variety of members from each team represented on campus.

“Pokémon Go is a fun, cool game, and you wouldn’t have imagined you could catch Pokémon in real life when you were playing pokemon red,” said John Wienman, individual studies student. Wienman, who is on team Mystic, likes how many gyms there are at Hudson Valley to level up his characters.

With the game promoting engaging with others and outside activity, students find that heading across campus with friends to hit Poké Stops can be a great social experience for them.
“It’s a fun game, and I can walk around and hang out with my friends,” said Jon Schermerhorn, mortuary science student. Schermerhorn, who is on team mystic, likes that he gets to meet people  on campus with the same interests just by walking around.

With the physical activity brought on by the game, students will be able to find early in the semester the landmarks of the college, make new friends and familiarize themselves with the campus.

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