Health classes offer mental wellness for students

Shelby Collins
Staff Writer

Students at Hudson Valley can take health classes that focus more on emotional wellness than physical strength.

There are a wide variety of health classes that can satisfy the health requirement needed for a majority of majors at Hudson Valley. These health classes are more than boxing or volleyball and focus more on mental than physical health.

“Some of the most beneficial health courses are Stress and Health, Healthy Relationships, Weight Management and First Aid,” said physical education professor Andrew Blanchard.

There are a large number of classes at Hudson Valley for health that can accommodate the interest of most students. Classes for health can be Drug Studies, Women’s Health Issues or Wilderness First Aid. Besides these classes, there are physically active health classes like Aerobic Dancercise, Basketball or Zumba.

Students find that the information they gain in these classes benefits them in their daily lives. Kiera Oliba, a student in the fitness specialist program, said her health class assisted her in managing stress and organization.

“I thought it was relative to my life as a college student. I made my own improving wellness spreadsheet, and I try to use it in my everyday life,” said Oliba.

Even architecture and engineering majors require a health credit. Thomas Murray, an architecture major took a mandatory health credit to graduate.

“They covered sex ed and drug abuse mostly,” said Murray.

Students agree that the health requirement is reasonable for their major. Andrea Burke, an individual studies major, was impressed with how her health class helped keep her fit and active.

“Some people never take health and need to know what health is about,” said Burke.

Blanchard, who teaches health classes, feel they are necessary for any student’s education. Although many colleges require health courses for students, some pay large amounts just to take a health or fitness class from a personal trainer.

“What students do not seem to understand is that if they are full-time students with at least 12 hours towards their degree, they can sign up for any health or fitness course at no additional cost. This is a wonderful opportunity for them, but many are not taking advantage of it because they are unaware that they can do this,” said Blanchard.

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