New women’s tennis coach calls for players

Zoe Deno
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The new women’s tennis coach Tom Bain, describes the benefits of joining Hudson Valley’s tennis team.

“I’ve had a few women say, ‘oh jeez, I can’t do it, I’m a beginner. You don’t want me.’ No, we definitely want you. Our team is small right now, we need players,” Bain said.

After the previous coach left last semester, a few players on the team followed leaving the team with just four active members, three short for playing full matches. Regardless of your experience level, Bain emphasized that all are welcome to join.

Bain was clear, “we will be supportive of you, it’s not like: because you may not be that good and we will tell you to go get us water. My goal is to get you the best you can be, and maybe then we could win some matches.”

The coach went on to explain one unique aspect of the tennis team that is its pliable schedule. “There is some flexibility to it because it isn’t a scholarship type sport, so it is what you can put into it. If you can make a couple practices. If you can make half of our practices and matches that’s enough where you are involved with the team. Obviously a lot of women have jobs, understandable. It’s not like you have to drop everything and play tennis.”

While this season of tennis will wrap up mid-October, according to Bain it’s never too late to get cleared by the Athletic Department and play a few matches. “If someone wants to just get cleared and maybe just play one match, they are welcome. If they wanted to play next season it would give them some basis.” Bain said, going on to explain that the round trip for matches is typically five to seven hours and that tuition pays for transportation so members don’t have to worry about paying for gas or finding a ride.

“Our goal is to have fun.” Bain said in conclusion. “I want to teach them not only the game of tennis but virtues that can translate into life, like sportsmanship, how to deal with stress and pressure wins and losses are nice, but my philosophy is to teach successful both on and off the court.”

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