Wellness Fair aims to promote health on campus

Chris Payne
Staff Writer

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Students went to learn about physical and mental wellness on Wednesday during the Wellness Fair.

“I came here because I was walking around when my professor mentioned the Wellness Fair, and it’s up my alley,” said Jonathan Delaney, an exercise science student. “I think the Wellness Fair is informational and gets the word out there. Wellness is good for those who want to stay healthy and avoid sickness.”

Alex Sutherland, a dental hygiene major, was at the Wellness Fair to volunteer. “The Wellness Fair is very good and seems pretty informative. There are a lot of people who don’t know about clinic cleaning, and I want to educate the public about the knowledge about the cleanings and different clinics held on campus.”

The Campus Center housed tables with information about all aspects of health for students to take advantage of.

“My goal is to let people know about the full access to services for those with disabilities and need access to health insurance,” said Melody Singletary, a community health advocate at the college.

Steve Goodyear, a community relations specialist for Fidelis Care, had a table as well. “I work with people who do not have health insurance and looking to attend different events, especially with health insurance to get those individuals covered.”

“I came here to provide some prevention education for students to avoid drugs and alcohol,” said Roland Riggins, who is a prevention specialist coordinator at the Addiction Care Center in Albany.

“I came here to tell students not to overdose and get the message out to spark interest in students. We also want students to volunteer working and take advantages of these good ideas that are available,” he continued.

Sal Scecchitano, who is a public health aide and a Medical Reserve Corps coordinator, explained why she came to the Wellness Fair.

“I came here to look for new people to join the Medical Reserve Corps and this is a great Wellness Fair to be a vendor and get students and employees to make good decisions,” she said.

The Medical Reserve Corps is a group that has been around since 9/11 that focuses on volunteering and engaging in local communities. Its goal is to help support public health and increase preparedness, response and recovery capabilities for those who need better health.

“I like to help others because there is room for improvement,” said Susan Steffek, a cheerleader at Hudson Valley. “I like to go every year, and it gives me something to do. They should have this Wellness Fair every semester because it helps everyone, including students and the educational environment, by providing services not only on campus, but outside of campus.”

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