Fall Fest in Review

Shelby Collins
Junior Copy Editor

img_2463Vinny Croce|The Hudsonian

The faculty team defeated the students in the Viking Cup during last week’s Fall Fest activities.

The game lasted five innings. The student team outnumbered the faculty team by one, but the faculty held the lead the whole way, starting the final inning with a score of 12-1.

The faculty allowed the students an extra out in the last inning. The students took advantage and attempted a comeback, ending the inning and the game, with a score of 12-7.

President Andrew Matonak accepted his last Viking Cup trophy from Student Senate Vice President Stephen Pelletier at the end of the game.

Some students preferred to be spectators, as entrepreneurship major Hunter Mensing said, “The softball game is pretty cool, [but] I’d rather watch, not play it.”

In addition to the game, there was a caricature artist, a DJ and free food available to students. However, student turnout was relatively low.

Ben Rickmen, actuary science major, said, “I got a message from my coach,” that let him know to come to the stadium.
Some students came to enjoy the nice weather, as Mensing said, “The brisk weather is my favorite part.”

Terek Warner, an HVAC major, said, “There’s good music… [and] it’s a nice social environment.”

Some people came just as something to do between classes. “It just seemed fun; why not just chill?” said liberal arts and sciences major Liana Zinzen.

Most students didn’t know what was supposed to be going on at Fall Fest, or that Fall Fest was being held.

Ben Ashley, a business administration major, said, “[I came] to see what it was about. I was hoping there would be more going on. Events like this should be fun.”

“I came for the free food”, said HVAC major Jesse Holt, summing up the sentiment of most students that attended Fall Fest.

Mazzone Hospitality set up stations with BBQ chicken, macaroni and cheese and cookies, which drew students to the stadium between classes to eat and enjoy the softball game. Mazzone Hospitality also held a raffle for a free $10 gift card to the dining locations on campus.

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