Fog becomes dangerous for student commuters

Mikey Bryant
Photo Editor

Fog conditions have complicated the morning commute made by many Hudson Valley students. Commuters do however have safe driving tips for those traveling in the conditions.

“The fog’s really bad up here. I’ve missed the exit a couple of times because of the fog,” said business administration student Ashley Yetto. Morning fog has presented a number of dangerous obstacles for students.

“It gets really thick, and it makes stupid drivers even more stupid,” said special education student Ethan Storoy. Storoy noticed that the fog has had an influence on the morning commuters.

“It’s made commuting really annoying. My mirrors fog up, and I can’t see cars next to me, which is a little dangerous since I have to drive on the highway to get here,” said human services student Nate Sawyer.

Individual studies major Bryan Tran said, “It causes accidents on the roads, and I avoid that everyday. I’m very cautious when I’m driving.”

“The stop-and-go traffic is really bad, especially the morning traffic coming up to Hudson Valley. After coming off of the highway, drivers tend to merge into any lane that they can find. It tends to create a lot of accidents,” said Yetto.

Yetto and Tran are both concerned that the fog could endanger the wellbeing of students if they’re not careful. The fog may present an array of problems, however students do have advice for those driving through the thick fog.

“If you ever think you’re actually in danger, just pull off to the side of the road. Don’t risk it,” said Sawyer.

“Always be cautious, never be overconfident in driving,” said Tran.

Vinny Topino, a liberal arts student, plans on taking a different route when faced with less than favorable driving conditions. Topino wants to avoid involving himself in an accident brought on by the fog.

“I am thinking about taking another route to get here, possibly not going up the hill on Morrison Ave. I’m going to go around it, “ he said.

Elementary education student Cassandra Paige said, “Students should leave early for class, if you have a class at nine usually leave an hour earlier.”

Although Paige suggests to leave earlier for classes, some students find leaving early not feasible. Storoy feels that instead of leaving earlier for classes, you can just remain level-headed on the road.

Storoy believes, “Your safety should come first. When you’re trying to rush like that, you’re putting everyone else in danger. You have to think of other people who may not be used to driving under these conditions.

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