Opinion: Starting and succeeding at community college

Setodzi Avoke
Staff Writer

For many stepping onto a college campus for the first time, there are opportunities for a fresh beginning and new experiences.

Others may not use the freedom from a K-12 education to their advantage. This could potentially hinder their ability to acquire opportunities, and socialize with peers.

For most of my college career, the latter approach to earning freedom from the standard 8-hour school day described my approach to campus life and I thought I couldn’t be happier.

I executed my class-to-home routine with machine-like efficiency, analyzing the quickest routes and developing a steady path for every congested walkway between myself and the bus.

If you’re considering doing a similar strategy, allow me to suggest it be after giving campus participation a try. If not for a classmate suggesting I join The Hudsonian, I never would’ve benefited from the experiences and relationships that followed the writing.

Though I wasn’t hurting to find companionship, the conversations and new friends I’ve made have enriched my life and brightened my general outlook on life.

Even lazy days spent in The Hudsonian’s office, reminiscent at times of summer days of the same description, are cherished times I would have otherwise missed.

There’s an appreciation that comes with understanding. The more my work requires that I research the campus, it’s history and it’s programs, the more able I am to recognize what a great institution we share.

I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spend nearly an hour listening to a former SUNY administrator take evening classes, and predicting changes to the model in the budget and federal education spending for decades to come had I not joined The Hudsonian.

Whether new or returning to campus, if you have the time, I believe you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you try to involve yourself, if not merely maintaining awareness of campus life. Keep an eye on your student emails for announcements and keep reading The Hudsonian. There are regular events, presentations, over 50 clubs and some wonderful people on this campus.

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