Vikings continue their season over the vacation

Skylar Blankenship
Sports Editor

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At the Valley, even though students haven’t been participating in classes, Vikings sports teams continued on with their seasons.
Over the break, the Viking’s basketball teams had two games apiece. They competed against Columbia-Greene Community College and Clinton Community College.

Against Columbia-Greene, the men’s team won 88-78. Dave Reo led the team with 27 points made by all 3-pointers, and Elijah Lott came in second, scoring 17 points. The women’s team also won against Columbia Greene 56-50, with Shelby Dugan scoring 16 points and Chelsea Stevens scored 12 points.

The Viking’s had both a win and a loss against Clinton Community College. The male Vikings won their game 86-52 with Lott scoring 25 points and John Palmer adding another 12 points. Brandon Palmer and Taylor Slattery each scored 11 points.

The women’s team had a very close game, but were unable to seal a win with a final score of 59-56. Di’Aisa Smith scored 19 points and Dugan added another 14 points.

The men’s basketball team will continue on with their season with a record of 9-6 and the women’s with a record of 3-10.

“Hopefully we continue to improve as the schedule is tough all the way through,” said head coach for the men’s team, Michael Long.

“We were focused on getting better during the break. We used our time to ramp up our strength and conditioning for the second half of the season,” said head coach for the women’s team, Robert Coleman.

During the break, the bowling team had two tournaments, both in Allentown, Pennsylvania. At the Roto Grip Keystone Classic, the men’s team came in 26 out of 31 with a 7,405 total pins, while the women’s team came in 11 out of 14 with a total of 6,981 pins.

At the Lehigh Valley Collegiate Classic, the men’s team finished 24 out of 31 with a total of 7,650 pins and the women’s team finished 12 out of 13 with a total of 6,872 pins.

At the Roto Grip Keystone Classic, Clifford Miller and Kaitlyn Goodermote led their teams with a 207 high-game; 894 five-game series, and a 187 high-game; 843 five-game series respectively.

Gregory Henzel and Kyla Day led their teams at the Lehigh Valley Collegiate Classic with a 210 high-game; 883 five-game series, and 189 high-game; 843 five-game series respectively.

The men’s ice hockey had one game over the break against the UAlbany Club. They won the game in overtime 4-3 with Troy Bennet, Kyle Constanty, Hunter Craig, and Evan Perkins each scoring one goal a piece.

The Vikings winter season will finish up at the beginning of March, ushering in the spring season.

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