The Viking’s final stretch on the ice is melting away

Skylar Blankenship
Sports Editor

MB1_3164Photo by Mikey Byrant| The Hudsonian

The final season for the Vikings ice hockey team is ending within the next month.

The termination of the ice hockey team will mainly affect the decisions of this year’s freshmen and future students to stay at or come to Hudson Valley.

Jimmy Morrison, a freshman forward, conveyed how the situation “sucked”. He does, however, plan on finishing his two years at Hudson Valley, even though he will no longer be able to represent the school in ice hockey. Morrison also said he might look into playing hockey somewhere else, such as on a club team.

In the week after the vacation, the Vikings ice hockey team competed in three games, resulting in a record of 6-10-1 after a win and a loss against Erie Community College and a victory over SUNY Broome.

“I know the wins and losses are not quite where we want them right now, but we had a big weekend and had good win…things are looking good for the second half [of the season],” said head coach Ken Lancto.

Hudson Valley won 3-1 against Erie. In the second period, Troy Bennett, sophomore forward and defenseman, scored the first point made for the Vikings. During the third period, Kyle Constanty, sophomore forward, scored twice, one with an assist from Jordan Smith.

The next day, the team lost 3-1 with Sean Sphor, sophomore forward, scoring the only point. Nate Muller, sophomore goalie, had 39 saves in the goal.

The Vikings’ victory against SUNY Broome was a shutout with a score of 16-0. Constanty scored five of the goals, Bennett scored three, Smith and Markus Salmiery, freshman forward, both scored two. Anthony DiGiorgio, freshman goalie, had 11 saves.

Mike Esposito, defenseman and exercise science major, said, “Everyday we come out here and work very hard…everyday out there we are giving a 100 percent.”

Lancto is not sure of his plans are for next the season. His focus is making sure his team does well on and off the ice. The goal for the second half of the season is consistency; for the team’s successes to carry from practices to games as well as game to game.

Hudson Valley will be keeping the Conway Ice Rink, and there has been discussion about the formation of a ice hockey club.

Hudson Valley has had an ice hockey team since 1991. In 2001, the team were Conference Champions, Regional III Champions and went to the National Championship.

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