Harvard on the Hudson Challenged by Students

Zoe Deno
Staff Writer

HarvardontheHudsonGraphic By Issac Kautz| The Hudsonian

Was college everything you expected it to be when you moved in?

Hudson Valley students have come clean about their expectations as new students at the college, and what they are experiencing now as they are in the spring semester.

“I have a love-hate relationship with Hudson Valley,” said business administration major Dan Valentine who carries a mixed opinion about Hudson Valley.

Valentine decided to attend Hudson Valley because of how close it was to his home, and it’s affordability.

“Hudson Valley seemed like a reasonable choice for me,” said Valentine. “The campus also had a snazzy look that I liked.”

Valentine enjoys the academic offerings, but is disappointed by the social life on campus.

Human services major Adelaide Montresano believes there are many different sub-groups of people at Hudson Valley, and that those groups don’t always interact with each other.

“Demographics change sharply on campus and it all depends on your location,” said Montresano. “Students don’t really branch out of their circles to meet people from other groups,” she said.

Digital media student Logan Hicks said the best thing about Hudson Valley for him has been the people.

“It really surprised me when I first started school here – people actually hold the door for you,” said Hicks.

Individual studies major Tony Vadney said that one thing he finds frustrating is Hudson Valley’s IT handlings.

“Hudson Valley’s online services such as email and blackboard crash constantly,” said Vadney.

Vadney acknowledges there are better institutions he could attend, but feels other colleges can’t compete with Hudson Valley.
Computer science major Matthew Prouest believes that Hudson Valley is where you’re shipped off to if you didn’t do anything in high school.
Prouest also feels that Hudson Valley is filled with a mixture of poor and exceptional professors. Because of this, Prouest criticizes the idea that a classes’ difficulty may change solely due to who is teaching the class.

Human services student Kathryn Legg is impressed with the aesthetics of campus. She wasn’t initially planning on going to college, but after accompanying her brother to his orientation at Hudson Valley, she changed her mind.

“I knew I was going to come here as soon as I walked on campus,” said Legg.

Legg is looking to enjoy the warmer weather on campus as she feels excitement for spring.

“It’s just getting warm, and everyone is outside playing football – It’s really cheery, and it makes me happy,” said Legg.

Business administration major Samantha St. Germain planned to attend Hudson Valley to find and pursue a new career.

“Hudson Valley is great at providing students with opportunities,” said St. Germinan. “It really gives you a gateway to try anything out,” she said.

Hicks, alongside many other students on campus, are using Hudson Valley as a transition to a four-year university.

“I came to Hudson Valley because I needed to get my grades up,” said Hicks.

Hicks said that before coming to Hudson Valley, he looked down at the school, but after enrolling, he found he enjoys the college.

Although his family was pleased with his attendance at Hudson Valley, Hicks’ friends attending other colleges and universities made fun of him attending a community college.

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