Vikings skate off Conway with a victory

Zoe Deno
Staff Writer

viking hockey game-2493Photo By Mike Schaefer| The Hudsonian

The Viking’s hockey team claims a landslide victory with a score of 6-2 in their final home game against UAlbany Club.

“If the other team were to win that would mean they had to get through us. I don’t think that was possible for them,” said Jeffrey Smith, a sophomore mechanical engineer major.

Sophomore business administration major Sean Spohr scored the Viking’s their first goal 3:10 into the game. Spohr made the second goal of the game in the third period.

By the end of the game sophomore criminal justice major Chris Breault added two more goals to the score. Sophomore criminal justice major, Tyler DeMarco, and HVAC major, Evan Perkins, each contributed one goal, securing the Viking’s victory.

Nate Muller, sophomore architectural technology major, alongside Smith and the team’s goalies, made a total of 12 saves.

Smith felt the biggest threats to their team were two players on the UAlbany team.“Player 17 was a huge guy and really talented at skating, while 6 was quick and incredibly agile,” said Smith. “We knew if we shut them down and we would be able to shut the team down.”

“It was a tough game. UAlbany came in and played hard but we played harder,” said head coach Ken Lancto.
Lancto felt pressure to come back with another win after said that the game was tough because they had just played UAlbany last week, defeating them 9-4.

“It’s hard because there are leftover emotions due to things that happened during the last game,” Lancto said.

Lancto said that the team was disappointed because this was the last time they were playing at Hudson Valley, but that he was satisfied his team had played well.

The stands held people who had come to support their teams. Hudson Valley offered them free food and coffee to help keep them warm.

“What I can see from watching tonight’s game is that it appears that the team has great chemistry on the ice,” said student senator Brendon Caluneo. “I think this can be attributed to outstanding leadership and coaching.”

The ice hockey team has three more games before they permanently hang up their skates. On Feb. 24, 25 and 26, the team will be attending the NJCAA National Tournament, which will be held at the SUNY Broome Ice Arena.

The Viking’s Hockey team has won its last eight games. “Earlier in the season we did not play all that well, but over the break we got it together and now we are on a little winning streak,” said Muller.

“I feel like we are building up momentum for a great finish in Nationals,” Smith said.

“We have to pick it up for sure. Nationals are going to be three of the toughest and important games of the year,” Lancto said. “You have to win before you can get the trophy.”

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