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Hudson Valley's newest degree in Memetics is very popular among studentsPhoto by: Vinny Croce

Hudson Valley’s newest degree in Memetics is very popular among students

Prospective students can look forward to a new Associate of Arts in Memetics coming to Hudson Valley Community College during the 2017-18 academic year.

College officials decided to adopt the degree program after heightened interest and pressure to introduce memes into the curriculum.

Some new classes include; Pedagogy of Memetics, Intro to the Rare Pepe, History of the Meme, Environmental Memes, Meme Culture, The Doggo Kingdom and Advanced Memetics.

“I think that the new degree is a progressive and revolutionary program. I’m glad that Hudson Valley is keeping up with the times,” said individual studies student Zelda Rodriguez.

Rodriguez plans on taking some classes to broaden her knowledge of memes.

“I know enough from the internet, but it would give me an upper hand to learn from a professional in the field. I’m looking forward to the classes that will be open to students next semester,” said Rodriguez.

Other students, such as marketing student Laquesha Sharice, believe a meme degree would not be the best investment.

“I do not condone a meme degree. I cannot support the degree until further research has been conducted on the job market,” said Sharice.

The degree will require completion of 69 credits. Students in the program are also required to complete a broad selection of liberal arts courses.

The newly introduced courses can be completed by students outside of the program, however, transferring the credits will likely be impossible.

Fine arts student Aaron Fox plans to pursue the Memetics degree next semester. Fox has plans to pursue a career in the production of professional memes.

“Memes changed my life. A few years ago, I was in a dark place. Memes helped me get out of that depression, and I want to share them with others as much as possible,” said Fox.

Physical sciences student Robert Ross decided to amend his career aspirations after learning about the new degree program.

“I’m going to switch majors to pursue the Memetics degree next year,” said Ross. “I consider myself a connoisseur of memes.”

Students have shared concerns with the proposed degree program.

“When I first caught wind of the degree I thought it was a joke. I was really shocked, but I understand why it’s being introduced. Memes are everywhere nowadays,” said physical education student Dick Livingston.

Underwater basket weaving student Chanandler Bong believes the new degree program will benefit the diverse student body at Hudson Valley.

“I love memes. Who needs motivation when you have memes,” said Bong.

Marketing student Dylan Boogan believes the degree program will provide students with happiness and inspiration.

Boogan said, “Memes and I share a very special bond. They carry me through every day and make me smile. They make me feel like they are made just for me.”

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