Therapy memes introduced around campus

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College faculty plan to encourage meme-proliferation on campus in order to boost student morale as finals week approaches.

English professor Ruby Myers developed the idea after talking with her students.

“I’ve noticed that so many of my students love to talk about memes, and memes seem to be a good thing that they enjoy,” said Myers.

“I thought it would be a good idea to post motivational memes all around campus. Finals are coming up soon, so this might help keep morale up,” said Myers.

Liberal arts major Ashley Bowan is incredibly happy with the plan to promote memes.

“I eat, sleep and breathe memes,” said Brown. Brown is excited to see what memes will be posted on campus.

“I’m just upset that the really good memes can’t be posted because they might not be considered school appropriate,” said Bowan.

That hasn’t stopped students from posting some of their own around campus, in places like the Siek Campus Center.

“I’ve seen some Dat Boi memes that have a motivational line on them, but the line was crossed out and replaced with something else,” said business major Shayne Cooper. “I really hope the new memes being posted are left alone,” he said.

Psychology professor Michael Warren believes memes should help students as the semester comes to an end.

“Students who enjoy a good meme will have an appreciation for what the college is trying to do here, but students that are diehard meme fans may be disappointed with the fact that there’ll be some memes we just can’t post,” said Warren.

Although motivational memes have received support from many student and faculty members, some of the college community does not agree with the movement.

Dental hygiene student Sarah Madison sees no appeal in memes or meme culture.

“What does a frog on a bicycle have to do with humor? No one’s going to do better on their finals because of this – this seems like a waste of paper,” she said.

Digital media major Sheldon Ryan believes people fail to understand the artistry behind memes.

“All of these naysayers just have no appreciation for the true art form that is memes,” said Ryan.
“I’ve put plenty of time into researching memes, and I’ve found that they have the perfect properties for simple humor that anyone may understand,” he said.

Cooper and Ryan believe the memes will serve a deeply profound purpose on campus and the two would prefer that all students be respectful of the movement.

“I’m all for the memes, as long as [the memes] have a good affect on students,” said Cooper.

Ryan believes you should ignore the memes if you dislike them. ”Don’t ruin all the fun for those who really enjoy seeing the memes,” said Ryan.

The memes are expected to be up from the first week of April until the last week of finals.

Students can request at Student Activities that their favorite meme be posted in the campus center, and faculty have been instructed to accommodate requests.

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