Vikings become the Field Mice

Shelby Collins
Copy Editor

Field_MouseGraphic By: Vinny Croce | The Hudsonian

Hudson Valley will be adopting the field mouse as their mascot for the 2017-2018 academic year.

“The college felt that a ‘Viking’ was a misrepresentation of the athletic ability and overall interest in athletics of our students,” said interim executive director of communications and marketing, Kevin Elmo.

“In general, however, a field mouse was deemed a much more fitting creature to represent Hudson Valley,” said Elmo.

Most students supported the change in mascot. Many described a field mouse as “cute.” An otter, guinea pig and fossa were also recommended as potential mascots by students.

Individual studies major John Smith said, “Field mice are exactly what we are, especially with the loss of the hockey team. Everyone’s just running around trying to avoid confrontation with the big predators.”

Other students were not as supportive of the change. James BigBird, an ornithology major, said, “Field mice are creepy. All they do is scurry around. We don’t move fast enough to be field mice.”

Basketball coach Ernie Long said, “Well maybe it’ll get those track runners to move faster; give my guys something to keep up with. The ‘Viking’ image was getting old anyway. It was about time for me to retire my hat with the horns.”

“At least we get to go out with the image. I’m sure the guys aren’t disappointed being the last generation of Vikings at Hudson Valley,” said Grover Jacobson, former assistant coach of the men’s ice hockey team.

Leslie Cadabby, interim executive director of the Faculty Student Association, said the change is temporary.

“If we can improve next year’s scores, the mascot will be reviewed and an official mascot will be chosen. However, we will not be returning to the Viking due to self-image issues among our faculty—it’s too much to live up to.”

Daniel Mus, a biology major, will be the man behind the mask of Hudson Valley’s new mascot.

“I’m honored to have such an opportunity. I’ve always wondered what being a mouse would be like, and now I get to be one and entertain dozens of people,” he said.

Auditions for potential permanent mascots will be held on June 3. Students are invited to dress up as any animal or famous figure and perform in front of the Mascot-Board at Bruno Stadium.

Students must sign up by May 12 at Student Activities, located on the second level of the campus center.

All mascots must be approved by the Student Senate for appropriateness prior to the deadline.

Although the official criteria for “appropriateness” have yet to be released, they are expected to be fairly liberal, according to anonymous inside sources.

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