Netflix grows as cable dies

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As streamed based applications are gaining popularity, cable TV is being utilized less. Photo by: Dylan Haugen

As streamed based applications are gaining popularity, cable TV is being utilized less.

Streaming sites such as Netflix are growing in popularity among college students.

Netflix allows its users to watch a variety of shows and movies for a monthly price of $10.

Students searching for a new show can turn to Netflix for binge worthy entertainment. TV, on the other hand, is a lot less appealing to the modern consumer.

“I use Netflix because regular TV sucks,” said individual studies student Casey Scofield. “I like horror, so I watch a lot of that [on Netflix]. I’m addicted to Californication right now; it’s hilarious,” said Scofield.

Students are usually on-the-go and sitting down to watch a show on wifi can be a challenge. Netflix recently integrated a new update which allows viewers to download TV shows and movies onto devices.

“[Sometimes] I watch things like Shameless, but normally it’s things like Breaking Bad, Prison Break or NCIS,” said radiology major Anna Purcell who watches a variety of different shows, but particularly Netflix’s drama offerings. For Purcell, the service suits her tastes satisfactorily.

“I watch Netflix at least two to three hours a day,” said non-matriculated student Acadia Pezzolesi. “I usually pick one show and then I binge watch it. I call it my escape from the real world,” said Pezzolesi.

Pezzolesi believes Netflix simplifies TV show binge watching. The ease of access to streaming services has rendered cable TV obsolete. Consumers want the most appealing and accessible product, and TV is fraught with advertisements which hinder the experience.

“[Netflix] has some moments when it’s being a pain, but overall I do enjoy watching,” said human services student Brynn Wilkes.

In recent years there has been a shift in spike in the service’s’ popularity. Netflix has seen a rise in demand because of it’s accessibility, diversity of choices and lack of commercials.

“They’re annoying and Netflix doesn’t have them,” said individual studies student Jordan Sills about commercials.

“I think it goes back to the accessibility,” said Sills. “You can choose what you want to watch, and you don’t need to wait for something to come on.”

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