Vice Presidential candidate: Thomas Nevins

IMG_20170411_215411Photo by: Max Morand

Name: Thomas Nevins
Party: The Representation Party
Hometown: Greenwich, N.Y.
High School: Greenwich City School District
Major: Business Administration Honors
Age: 19
Clubs/Organizations: Investment Club, Student Senate, Entrepreneurship Club

Why did you decide to run for this position? 

“I wanted to be able to give back to the Hudson Valley community, make improvements and be an advocate for students here on campus.”

What are your qualifications to run?

“I’ve been on senate since the fall semester. I’m a certified student leader through this conference in Florida (National Conference on Student Leadership). I’m also a good advocate for students.”

Overall, what is your greatest asset?

“To connect with people and to talk with people.”

Please provide three adjectives which describe your ability to lead.

“Caring, empathetic and I’m an advocate.”

Name five initiatives you’d like to focus on in your position.

“Issues that students face.”

“Prepare students for any problems they might face.”

“Club awareness and club funding.”

“Any other issues that students might have.”

What has been some of your greatest experiences during the race so far?

“Being able to talk to people and see what they love about Hudson Valley and what they wish was a little different. I want to help make it so that they love more about the school.”

What is the biggest problem with student life at Hudson Valley?

“Biggest problem with student life is that there is a large percentage of students that are not involved in student clubs. Whether it be because there is not club that pertains to their interests or because they’re unaware. That is something I plan on addressing.”

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