Spring Fest offers fun under the sun

Hunter Wallace
News Editor

While Spring Fest served as a fun attraction, it also provided informational services for students. Photo by: Michael Schaefer

While Spring Fest served as a fun attraction, it also provided informational services for students.

Students at Hudson Valley enjoyed free food, giveaways, balloons and more during Spring Fest last Thursday.

Spring Fest is an annual event at Hudson Valley traditionally held during the end of April. The event offers students a chance to celebrate and socialize before the spring semester’s conclusion.

“[Spring Fest] is typically held in mid-April because the weather is usually warmer and we’re out of the winter freeze, so it seems like a good time to organize this type of event,” said Dennis Kennedy, executive director of communications and marketing.

“We try to stagger some of the larger events of the semester, such as spring break, the days surrounding Easter and commencement, and we work within the confines of the time left in the semester,” he said.

From free food, shirts and sunglasses, to caricatures and balloons, Spring Fest provided several attractions for students.

“Providing opportunities for students to come together and get to know one another is one of the missions of the college,” said Kennedy. “[Spring Fest] is really an opportunity for students to destress, socialize and get to know one another,” he said.

“Students have always loved the free food,” said Vice President Stephen Pelletier. “They also like that their campus puts on such a nice event for them and they can relax, spend time with friends and have a good time overall,” he said.

Students generally enjoy the activities offered by Spring Fest.

“It was pretty lit,” said computer information systems student DeShawn Hayes. “There was free food, balloons and sunglasses—you can’t argue with that. Everything was free, and that was lit,” he said.

“It’s a nice break from all the work, or at least as much fun as you can have on campus,” said Cody DiNicola, liberal arts major.

Spring Fest, as well as student activities in general, rises to the challenge of catering to a diverse student body.

“We struggle with the fact that we are a community campus, meaning students may be enrolled part-time or full-time, but may have other commitments that take them away from campus, such as jobs, public transportation and children,” said Director of Student Life Louis Coplin.

Student criticism offers a path for how future events may better appeal to students and potentially improve Spring Fest.

“There should some sort of competition, like a sack race or a volleyball game,” said DiNicola.

“[Spring Fest] could have been scheduled a little earlier and it should have been more announced; If I hadn’t heard from my professor, I would never have known when it was,” said Hayes.

“Also, there could have been a volleyball game where people could organize teams and compete for prizes,” said Hayes.

Kennedy commented on the mission of Hudson Valley to offer students various activities and events.

“Even though the college is a commuter college and we do not have on-campus housing, we try to create events that will bring students together and provide opportunities to socialize, build friendships and enjoy the overall campus community,” said Kennedy.

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