Student art exhibit gets the pulse pounding

Hunter Wallace
News Editor

Digital Media students showcase artwork from the 2016-17 school year. Photo by: Michael Schaefer

Digital Media students showcase artwork from the 2016-17 school year.

Hudson Valley showcased various student art entries to the public during the Pulse 2 Annual Digital Media Student Art Exhibit last Friday.

Entries were submitted by students from Digital Imaging I, Digital Imaging II, Animation, Video Art, Drawing, 2D, Web Art, Photography and Interactive Media classes, each of which was unique to its creator.

“I put in a collage of shorts for Digital Media class, called “Rick James,” said individual studies student Daniel Conway.

“I like to take an album and make a background; for this one, I took a bunch of random stuff from home that I thought would make a good background image, and then I took other albums to see what would go well with the background,” said Conway.

“Both of my pieces—”Medium” and “Exhale”—were photography, specifically inkjet skins,” said Remington Friedlander, digital media major.

“For one of them, I was emulating a professional photographer named Sally Mann, and my other piece was created because we were told to use books in our set pieces, and I got this idea that I wanted to burn a book because they’re supposed to be sacred and whatnot, and burning books is something you’re not supposed to do,” said Mann.

Professors attending the event described its history.

“This is the second year at HVCC,” said Kyra Garrigue, instructor.

“Three years ago, we had our first show at Fulton Street Galleria in Troy; after that, we’ve been having them here,” she said.

“Initially, we were just having the shows together with the fine art, and I think with the increase in enrollment, we had too many students to have a combined show,” said Benjamin Gleeksman, digital media faculty. “We just needed to give our students more space,” he said.

The process for students to submit work into this event are not unlike professional processes.

“Students have to make deadlines, go through a traditional submission procedure as you would if you were applying to a gallery and get their work presentation ready, which is really good experience,” said Garrigue.

“I think it’s wonderful to show off your work publicly and to have your family and friends come in and to show them what you’re doing,” she said.

Garrigue also expressed her thoughts on the exhibit in general.

“I think it’s a really good experience for the students and I’m glad that so many submit,” said Garrigue.

“I also think it’s a great way for the whole Hudson Valley community to see what they’re doing,” she said.

Congratulations to the students who won the following awards:
Drawing I Award in Excellence: Camaryn Franchi, Ethan Hayes
Photography I Award in Excellence: Dakota Brown (fall), Gina Capece (fall), James Perry (fall), Simon Murray (fall), Tony Shufon (fall), Dustyn Leonard (fall), Katelyn Pohlmann (fall), Jonah Browing (fall), Logan Hicks (fall), Katerherine Murphy (fall), Keivonta Graham (fall), Michael Schaefer (fall), Isaac Kautz (fall), Ethan Babirad (fall), Gregory Ramirez (fall), Kenneth D. Alvarez-Moya (fall), Meggie M. Parascandola (fall), Michele D. Pasquariello (fall), Luke Maxwell (fall), Jonah Brown (fall), Rebecca Lambertsen (fall), James Perry (fall), Kaitlin Meissner (fall), Brianna Cancilla (fall), Rezart Bushati (fall), La-Shon Pringle (fall), Tyler Smith (fall), Sarah Lamp (fall), Mathew Nalli (fall), Rebecca Rem (fall), Ember Sheffer (spring)

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