Student Senate Election Results: 2017

Jenny Caulfield

Nathanael Savasta defeated Brendan Caluneo for Student Senate president last week by 69 votes and Student Trustee by 37 votes, leaving the Representation party controlling next year’s executive board.

Savasta’s win was his second consecutive victory after winning Freshman Class President in the fall.

“I’m feeling very excited, happy and grateful for winning my student senate position,” said Savasta about his presidential win.

“I am grateful that the students at HVCC chose me and I’m excited to be a part of senate through this position next year,” he said.

Savasta feels he will bring positive change to campus life as a result of his presidency.

“I imagine student senate doing whatever it can to encourage more students to be involved in the extracurriculars here on campus,” said Savasta.

The Representation Party are feeling the excitement of their win and look forward to working together regularly next year.

“Since I have won to be the next VP, it feels really great, especially since I get to share the office with Nathaniel, Kyle, Max and Ezra,” said Student Senate Vice President elect Thomas Nevins.

Nevins won with 173 votes running unopposed. “This victory will help me be able to lead different events throughout the HVCC campus and the surrounding community,” he said.

“Over the next year, there is a variety of different tasks that our team would like to accomplish in order to succeed. I personally plan on meeting as many students as possible and to get involved in all the events on campus,” said Nevins.

“It feels great and it’s a relief to know my constituents believe in my ability to retain the power associated with such a position,” said Student Senate Secretary elect Kyle Hudson about his win.

Hudson won with 162 votes also running unopposed. “At this point, the team, including myself, is looking to create [or] re-establish committees that will benefit all students, with the goal of enhancing student engagement in mind,” he said.

One of Hudson’s many goals as Secretary is similar to that of his executive board with increasing the amount of student activity on and off of campus.

“In one year, it’s my goal to increase student participation as much as possible and encourage students to become involved on and off campus,” he said.

Hudson has high hopes moving forward as secretary with the Representation party by his side.

“It was a great honor to be a part of this campaign and this amazing team,” said Hudson.

“Everybody has worked very hard and has been putting quality time into everything. I would also like to say that our current leadership did a great job making sure the election went smoothly and I wish them best in their future endeavors,” he said.

Student Senate Treasurer elect Max Morand won unopposed with 165 votes, and shares a similar goal to Hudson.

“I imagine that in one year we, as an Executive board and Senate, would be able to affect change on the campus and to get the students of this college more involved,” said Morand.

Morand feels this is one of many ideas he has for the college, and has hopes for what him and the Representation party will accomplish in their leadership positions.

“This [win] will allow all of us, including myself, to change and shape this college in many ways,” said Morand. “We will be focusing on the students as that is the platform we ran on and I cannot wait to be able to affect change on our community,” he said.

“I just want everyone to know that they are in good hands,” said Senior Class President elect Ezra Anderson. Anderson won unopposed with 55 votes, and plans to make a student’s time at Hudson Valley positive under his party’s leadership.
“The students are my top priority [and] I want to make their years at HVCC some of the best of their life,” he said.

Morand thanks everyone for taking part in their elections, and hopes students address concerns with the executive board next year.

“I would like to encourage any student to direct his or her concerns and issues on campus toward either myself or any of the Executive Board elects or any of the student senators,” he said.

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