Students aims to become golfing MVP

Tea’ Claus
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Women’s golf athlete Trisha Thomas works toward future PGA participation and dreams of being an MVP.

“It’s all about your score, your average,” said Thomas, “What I’m aiming for right now is trying to be MVP of the team,” she said.

In Thomas’ recent match at the SUNY Adirondack College Invitational at the Hiland Park Country Club she scored a 46 (9 holes) backdropped against an approximate average of 57.

Thomas’ passion for golf began at an early age and was only increased after managing a pro shop for two years at 16-years-old with her sister.

“I always had it in me to play golf [and it] was always a sport I loved. I enjoyed when I played,” said Thomas.

“Trisha is a hard working player. She is always looking to improve her game,” said Alyssa Ruggiero, women’s head golf coach in regards to one of her players.

Coach Ruggiero adds that Thomas was always practicing, even when the weather didn’t permit outside practice.

In addition to golf, Thomas tried out for softball and basketball last year, but said that golf took “most of her energy.”

Thomas said she loves golf because of the intellect involved in the sport.

“To hit a ball and see the ball 200 yards, to feel that power, to connect with the ball, to see it rise in the air and see the distance of how much your ball has gone,” said Thomas.

“The effect it gives you, the power you feel – you don’t have to be a mathematician to love the game, but if you love math, it’s one of those sports,” she said.

Thomas said that her role model in golf is Tiger Woods after growing up watching him play.

“When I was four, I used to go to my grandmother’s house and I used to watch tv and she would have the game on. I remember saying ‘Man, I want to play golf like that.’”

Thomas has the goal to go all the way to the Professional Golfers Association, or PGA. She hopes that when she gets to SUNY Brockport, she’ll be able to continue playing golf. Thomas is also looking into playing more than one sport, but her main focus will always be making it to the PGA Tour.

Thomas is currently majoring in Physical Education at Hudson Valley, studying to become a physical education teacher after she graduates. Her instructional focus is on teaching within the kindergarten through fifth grade range.

Before Thomas came to Hudson Valley after graduating from Washingtonville high school, she learned to be a massage therapist, earning straight A’s in the process of doing so.

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