Community mourns student death and injury

Matt Hamilton and Logan Penzabene stay in students thoughts after tragic accident.Setodzi Avoke | Hudsonian

Matt Hamilton and Logan Penzabene stay in students thoughts after tragic accident.

Setodzi Avoke
Copy Editor

On April 25, at 9:19 A.M., ECM major, and classmate to us all at Hudson Valley, Logan Penzabene, 18, passed away in a motor vehicle accident.

Penzabene and long time friend and classmate Matthew Hamilton, 18, were returning home from classes when a flatbed truck collided with the vehicle Penzabene was driving.

Penzabene, the third of four brothers and son to two mournful parents, loved sports, animals and competing in soccer and outdoor track. His parents request that in his name, donations be made to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society or to the St. Patrick’s Church Food Pantry—two causes dear to Penzabene.

A roadside tribute near the crash site, marked with candles and messages from friends and family, memorializes the passing of a young man who loved people and parties, with an immediate, sunny disposition readily apparent to all who knew him.

Hamilton is currently recovering in Albany Medical Center Hospital’s ICU, where family have stated, in regard to his condition, that, “he’s hanging in there.” Students, staff and faculty in Williams Hall have set aside a room where students can privately process recent, tragic events.

In said room, a banner hangs with the well wishes of students who knew him and the words “Get Well, Matt.” Eventually, the department and students would like to send to send the banner to Hamilton, where he can view his well wishes as he recovers.

“We send [Matthew] encouragement to get well, to take care and [know] that we want him back,” said a representative of the electrical maintenance and construction department.

Campus administration has ensured that the Wellness Center, and its counseling services, are available to all, especially those impacted.

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