Hudson Valley appoints new Vice President

Hunter Wallace
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As Vice President of Administration and Finance, William Reuter looks to use his past experiences working for other schools to better Hudson Valley. Courtesy of

As Vice President of Administration and Finance, William Reuter looks to use his past experiences working for other schools to better Hudson Valley.

William D. Reuter was named vice president of administration and finance at Hudson Valley on May 1.

Reuter has served as chief administrative and financial officer at Erie Community College for almost two decades and has served as interim president from 2006 to 2008.

Reuter begins after the retirements of longtime college vice presidents Jim LaGatta and Joel Fatato, and he is expected to begin his service at Hudson Valley in June 2017.

“When I discovered I was going to join one of the premier community colleges, not only in New York State, but in the country, as well as working directly for one of the most respected NYS SUNY community college presidents and with a Board of Trustees who are committed to student success, I was overcome with emotion” said Reuter.

“I’m thrilled beyond belief to join Hudson Valley, and to be following in the footsteps of two outstanding, long-term employees who have set very high standards for me to meet in the future,” said Reuter.

Reuter believes his prior experience at Erie Community College will prove useful to his new position.

“I have served Erie Community College in a variety of roles over the past 18 years, and I think my experiences of knowing what works, how to get things done, how to build consensus and what is necessary to facilitate student success will serve me well in my new role,” said Reuter.

“I also believe I’ve developed a high level of adaptability that will continue to allow me to be successful in a variety of situations,” said Reuter.

As part of his new role, Reuter will oversee a variety departments at the college.

“The current positions of vice president of administration and vice president of finance are being combined under my new title,” said Reuter.

“As such, I will have functional responsibility for the areas of finance, budgeting, fiscal operations, physical plant, environmental health and safety, human resources and the office of public safety,” said Reuter.

Reuter intends to further develop methods of facing challenges.

“As a college, we will continue to grow together, to address and respond appropriately to the operational and financial challenges and opportunities that face public education at community colleges throughout the SUNY system,” said Reuter.

“There will continue to be significant challenges and we need to continue to find ways to meet those challenges,” he said.

Reuter is confident that he can meet the expectations required by the college.

“I can only hope that I’m able to fulfill the expectations, trust and confidence that the president and Board of Trustees has placed in me,” said Reuter.

“Hudson Valley is a gem in the SUNY community college system. My goal is to maintain that reputation,” said Reuter.

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