Student Senate president encourages engagement on campus

Savasta highlights the importance of involvement at Hudson Valley.Photo by: Max Morand

Savasta highlights the importance of involvement at Hudson Valley.

With summer’s end just around the corner, students from colleges across the nation are preparing for the start of their classes.

Hudson Valley Community College begins classes for the fall of 2017 on Monday, Aug. 28. With the first week of classes, comes HVCC’s welcome week: five days of food, games, karaoke, movies, club fairs and much more.

The activities, food and informational opportunities are the perfect mix of events that will ease the college transition. Welcome Week is essentially an opportunity for students to get out there and explore the possibilities on campus, while having fun.

Both incoming students and returning students will be able to find information about clubs, volunteer programs, events and all the other great opportunities that Hudson Valley Community College offers. Aside from being informative, Welcome Week will also be a great time for students to interact with other students and meet new friends.

It is essential for students to have the opportunity to enjoy an event such as this, and it is an excellent start to the fall semester. Events created for the students, such as Welcome Week, are one of the things that makes Hudson Valley Community College such a unique and engaging college.

HVCC has a reputation for providing excellent academic and community involvement opportunities. These are among the reasons why I chose to enroll at this college. Being the President of Student Senate and the student trustee on the Board of Trustees has opened a lot of doors for me to strive for making a positive influence on this college.

Myself, and my fellow executive board members (Thomas Nevins, Max Morand and Kyle Hudson) have a list of goals that we would like to accomplish over the school year. These goals were created with the intent to not only make the students’ time here more enjoyable, but also to make improvements for the college overall. We plan to push for more student involvement, because we agree that it has had such a significant impact on our lives.

Because involvement with HVCC has helped me tremendously, I am passionate about other students being able to be positively affected as well. I have found more opportunities that will allow me to reach my life goals and I have been able to grow as a person. I certainly owe a lot to this college and all the wonderful people that are a part of it.

– Nathanael Savasta

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