Eating on a budget made simple

Julio Rodriguez

Students looking for a quick bite can always take a short walk to Deli & Brew. Photo by Julio Rodriguez | Hudsonian

Students looking for a quick bite can always take a short walk to Deli & Brew.

Hudson Valley is surrounded by a variety of local restaurants and fast-food chains, but for a new college student with a busy schedule and a tight budget, making wise meal choices often poses a challenge.

College is fast-paced and consumes most of a student’s time, so finding the time to eat often falls by the wayside. At Hudson Valley, students are fortunate enough to have a variety of eateries to choose from. Nearly all of the establishments in the area are accessible and well-priced for anyone on a student budget.

To the right of campus, on Vandenburgh Avenue, students can choose from Taco Bell, Deli & Brew and Dunkin Donuts for a quick bite to eat. They’re all within walking distance, and each establishment offers quite the bang for your buck.

At Taco Bell, a steak quesadilla with chips and salsa is fairly priced at $4.99. A crunchwrap supreme is priced at $3.69. Taco Bell’s menu items are nearly all priced under $10. So, anyone with $10 can make their way to Taco Bell for a quick bite before class.

With fall right around the corner, a hot coffee to start off the day is a must-have for any sleep-deprived, chilly student. A Dunkin Donuts combo includes a medium hot coffee paired with a variety of breakfast sandwich choices.

Deli & Brew offers a slice of pizza priced at $1.85. The subs and salads cost between $4.39 and $7.49.

Across the street, students will find a Wendy’s, Subway, China Wok and Market 32. Wendy’s offers the four-for-four. Students can enjoy four items for the convenient price of $4.

China Wok is a Chinese food establishment that is fairly priced for anyone looking to grab food on-the-go. China Wok offers a sit-down dining area, but it is cheaper to fill a take-out container for the road.

If you’re in the mood for ice cream or a quick snack, Stewart’s is right down the road. Stewart’s offers deli dogs priced at two for $2.50. Stewart’s is also home to a wide variety of ice cream flavors that are a beloved favorite of Upstate New Yorkers.

Anyone looking for a bite on the 224 heading towards downtown Troy should try The Flying Chicken. Located on 7th Ave. in Troy, this spot provides a wide array of comfort food options.
The Flying Chicken’s signature dish is their take on chicken and waffles. The dish is a little pricey at $9.75, but the ecstasy-inducing quality of the combination will make the purchase worthwhile.

Of course, anyone in a real rush to catch a bite can always look to Prime in the Campus Center. A word of warning, though; you may become all too addicted to the greasy satisfaction of the chicken tenders and fries, so order at your own risk.

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